Brett’s Circle

For anyone wanting to start earning an income online, This is one of the best courses to get you off the ground with a proven strategy that works.

I have personally paid for and became a member of Brett’s Circle and have implemented one of the suggested strategies for a newbie to get started making money online.  Did my first attempt make me thousands of dollars?.. The simple answer is No. Instead, what it did was prove to me that trying to earn online by  implementing just this one strategy is more than possible, it’s doable.

This online training course covers almost everything you should know about where you should get ideas, how to build an email list, how to create your own product and lots more detailed ‘how to’ stuff.

I say this training covers almost everything, because what it does not teach you, is how to sign up for the things you need to have before you can start.

I suppose those basics, such as how to set up a paypal account so you can receive payments, and how and where to get a visa or master card would be the basic ‘must haves’ for anyone thinking of doing the Internet marketing thing.

If you don’t have, nor do you know where to get a card and set up a paypal account, feel free to reach out for help.  join my Facebook group.


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